The SRAM Cycling Fund will focus on putting fuel on the fire of existing efforts. Our view is that there are a number of well-positioned national and international cycling advocacy groups around the world that could multiply their productivity with additional funding. We are seeking to make sizeable grants to efforts that are driving increased cycling infrastructure. As our funding is temporary, we are seeking to energize these efforts without creating overhead. Examples of this include:

  • Lobbying to achieve a higher portion of funding for bike projects in national, regional or city transportation budgets.
  • Driving fund raising activities for organizations to help them create bigger memberships and therefore potentially a bigger pool of ongoing advocacy dollars.
  • Establishing improved local advocacy group capability to pull down infrastructure funding.

We are not seeking to establish new organizations. Our grants will typically be one to three years in length.

Engaging the bike Industry: The SRAM Cycling Fund collaborates with other companies in the cycling industry, including competitors, to fund the most important advocacy projects. We believe that every company in every aspect of the bike industry should come together to grow cycling. For U.S. grants, Bikes Belong, the national bike industry coalition, is a vital partner.

Our target geography allocation of the funds is:

  • 60% USA
  • 20% Europe
  • 5% Taiwan
  • 15% Uncommitted

Our funding is targeted to the North American and European countries with the most potential for the growth of cycling infrastructure.

We are not setting a grant schedule or cycle. We will work with the leaders of national and international bike advocacy groups to develop meaningful projects for funding. We also work with proposed projects to find additional funding partners. The progress of these projects will be reported on and tracked through this website.

Decisions on SCF grants are made by a three person committee. It includes:

  • Stan Day: President, SRAM.
  • Mike Mercuri: VP Product and Marketing, SRAM.
  • Randy Neufeld: SRAM Cycling Fund Director

Tim Blumenthal, Executive Director of Bikes Belong is an advisor to the selection committee.

Inquiries about the grant process can be directed to