For the second half of 2011 this website has been unavailable with only a message that read, "Exciting changes are under construction at the SRAM Cycling Fund. Check back for further developments". The exciting changes are still under construction but the web site is back. The exciting changes are the development of a new SRAM Cycling Foundation which will carry on much of the work of the Fund, hopefully with even greater resources. We will announce the beginnings of the Foundation in the next year. Until then the extraordinary work of the SRAM Cycling Fund continues:

The SRAM Cycling Fund was formed in September 2008. The objective is to grant $2 million per year for 5 years to:

  • build a better environment for cycling in North America, Europe and Taiwan
  • fuel existing efforts vs create new efforts
  • spend the funds vs create an endowment
  • find leverage points
  • focus on creating sustaining efforts that persist beyond our limited funds

[Note: SRAM is also involved in promoting cycling in other parts of the world thorugh sponsorship of World Bicycle Relief.]

SRAM fundamentally believes that:

  • Bicycles improve the environment.
  • Bicycles ease traffic congestion.
  • Bicycles reduce the cost of transportation.
  • Bicycles improve health and reduce obesity.
  • Cyclists are a passionate user group that support and enhance the areas in which they ride.

The barrier to increased bicycle use in daily lives is the lack of appropriate infrastructure. The US has built its transportation infrastructure around automobiles with little attention given to the role or benefits of cycling. Europe's cycling infrastructure is much more advanced, but it also has lots of room for improvement. SRAM is convinced that through the committed efforts of cycling advocates and cycling enthusiasts that increased funding for cycling infrastructure can be realized.

Barriers to increased mountain and trail biking use include environmentally stable trails and trail access. SRAM believe that cyclists are responsible users of our public lands, and that through their use they help maintain and enhance the environment for everyone. Through appropriate education of public land officials and support for trail design, we believe that we can significantly increase cycling opportunities, and at the same time improve the quality of those public lands through responsible use.

Cycling is our passion. Building a better environment for cycling is worthy. It also helps grow our industry. The SRAM Cycling Fund was created because our customers have made SRAM successful. SCF is a return of the trust and support from our customers. We are confident that the efforts fueled by the Fund will be a catalyst for improving cycling infrastructure and growing the overall industry. We believe this is good for Dealers, bike companies, our competitors and SRAM, and we are excited…

We want to acknowledge all of the cycling advocates who have worked for years to educate public officials. We also want to acknowledge the bike industry leaders who have helped create the efforts that we are now in a position to fund. Our hope is that the SCF is an acceleration of an industry wide effort. We hope that it is an example that others will consider as their individual business circumstances permit.

—All SRAM Employees.