North American Grants

  • The Green Lane Project brings together Chicago, San Francisco, DC, Austin, Portland and Memphis to work together to install networks of protected bikeways and related improvements on city streets. The Bikes Belong Foundation teams the six cities to share strategic and technical assistance, while expanding the national knowledge base and sharing it widely.
  • People for Bikes is a movement created by Bikes Belong, the national group of bicycle suppliers and retailers. The goal is to gather a million names of support, to speak with one powerful voice -to make bicycling safer, more convenient and appealing for everyone. While we all ride for different reasons, we're united by a shared passion: Sign the Pledge! [$150K]
  • Safe Routes to School National Partnership works hard to ensure that cycling and walking to school is well-positioned to win hundreds of millions of federal dollars. The Fund supports their legislative presence in Washington, DC to build important relationships with Members of Congress in support of Safe Routes to School and other funding and policy opportunities through issues like climate, childhood obesity, and jobs bills. [$175K]
  • Bicycling Design Best Practices Project conducts study tours and exchanges for U.S. elected officials and professionals to countries such as the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark, where the percentage of daily trips taken by bicycle is 20-30 times greater. This Bikes Belong project provides support and inspiration to implement world-class cycling infrastructure in American cities.[$100K] More info
  • Cities For Cycling is organized by the transportation officials from the largest U.S. cites (NACTO). To overcome barriers created by roadway design regulations, they are creating an Urban Bikeway Design Guide to disseminate the international engineering techniques now being deployed in the U.S. [$45K]
  • Advocacy Advance: Training, research and grants enable state and local advocacy organizations to develop, transform, and provide innovative strategies to build cycling in their communities by winning new funding. The Alliance for Biking & Walking and the League of American Bicyclists provides expert coaching and capacity-building assistance to accompany state and local grants.[$400K]
  • US Bike Route System, championed by the Adventure Cycling Association, proposes an officially designated numbered national network of routes linking urban, suburban and rural areas using a variety of facilities. [$30K] More info.
  • Public Lands Initiative offers new resources to promote a bicycle-friendly approach toward our nation's legacy of public lands protection. IMBA tracks management plans and promotes pro-bicycle policies at the local, state and federal levels. They work with multi-user outdoor recreation coalitions to protect our trails from development and resource extraction and preserve continued bicycle use. [$50K] More info.
  • Regional Trail Development Program supports IMBA's regional director and chapter programs. The goal is self-sustaining regional programs that develop volunteer leadership, membership growth, major donors, trail projects, youth programs, government partnerships and new affiliated clubs. [$160K] More info.
  • Team IMBA Challenge gives riders the opportunity to turn their races into fundraising events for both IMBA and their local club mountain bike clubs. [$40K] More info.

European Grants

  • European Cycling Federation works to change attitudes, policies and budget allocations at the European level. ECF organizes the exchange of information and expertise on bicycle-related transport policies and strategies to influence cycling investment in cities and nations. More info.
  • ETRA promotes cycling and bicycle retailers at the European level. The 2010-11 grant helps helps support ETRA's role in the EU-funded Presto project to increase cycling in 5 cities: Bremen, Grenoble, Tczew, Zagreb and Venice. More info.
  • IMBA Europe brings advocates, trail-builders, and the bike industry together for conferences, organizing and planning. The focus is the continued development and collaboration of national mountain bike advocacy groups across Europe to achieve access and trail development success. More info.
  • Velo-City Global Conference was sponsored by SRAM in Sevilla, Spain in March 2011. The conference, organized by ECF, is a unique crossborder exchange of ideas, programs and strategies among advocates, business, policy-makers and urban designers on the growth of cycling in cities. The SRAM Cycling Fund also sponsored delgations to the conference from the U.S. and Italy. More info.
  • Proyecto 1.000.000 in Spain aims to win one million new daily cyclists. The Iberian advocacy group CONBICI has teamed with the Catalonian regional group, BACC, to win public investment in cycling infrastructure and increase cycling use by over 50%. The grant is matched by industry and government support. More info.
  • PSWE (Pomeranian region, Poland) will organize a series of workshops for representatives of Polish cities interested in developing comprehensive cycling improvement policies on the basis of the best practices in cycle friendly cities of the Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia. More info.